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School Receptionist

June 10 2009
Off I went for my annual mammogram, which I have had since turning 40 due to my strong family history of breast cancer.

They had mistakenly booked me in for every 2yrs instead of yearly mammograms.

I was prompted by the fact that while Jess was giving me lymphatic drainage, she felt a small mass on the underside on my right breast.

July 7 2009 to August 18 2009

The journey of surgery, lymph nodes removed, radiation, but no chemo.

I needed to get movement back in my arm so with Jess’s help working on my arm and breast I was well on the way.

Jess asked me what I would wish for and to set a goal.

My one wish and goal was to participate in the World Masters Games in Sydney in October playing softball which I did the day before I started my radiation.

The boost it gave me to know I could still play the game I loved after Breast Cancer; I have my life back.

I just kept going with a positive outlook, the treatments from Jess and was not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

It is surprising how quickly your lymph nodes fill up.
Without the treatments and the positive help from Jess I would not be where I am today.

Four years on, a double mastectomy, full hysterectomy and working full time, I’m looking forward to setting new goals and living life to the full.


I have had several other surgeries and achieved many goals since being diagnosed. Jess and I still work together. Thank you.


BNI Executive

I have known Jess for 12 years, initially in a business networking capacity and then as a client since 2016. By the time I booked in with Jess I was very anxious and quite on the way to becoming a nervous wreck. Since I started seeing Jess, I have built the business I was in when I started with her, sold it, bought another and continually growing that one.

Jess keeps my nervous system intact and I see her every month over the years religiously. Sometimes maintenance is one of those things that if you don’t keep it going what are the consequences if you stop. I do not want to find that out. I feel relaxed and balanced and if some ailment is niggling me, Jess can help that.

I find Jess is really flexible with appointments and such a time saver for me that she comes to my home to do my treatment.


Assistant – Building Approvals and Advice

Thank you, Jess. Your treatments have made such a positive and ongoing difference to our family’s wellbeing. We truly appreciate your professional, friendly, and personalised approach. A beautiful therapy but way way more! To instantly feel the improvements after you have treated muscular, sinus and postural issues, and to notice how the benefits continue weeks later, it’s amazing. We have been lucky to meet incredible therapists but have never experienced the combination of healing, art and science that you have perfected. Thanks so much!


Distant Education Teacher

Jess not only supports my needs, but works on my grandchildren – who have ongoing bronchiolitis attacks, asthma, cold and flus, and delayed walking issues and recently reoccurring constipation/digestive problems.

Jess is very supportive and available when required. She is friendly and talented in this area. Great with kids (now 2 and 4, but has been working with them since they were babies.

Leslie and John Ward

Teacher – CEO

My Husband and I have been working with Jess from Karma Therapies for many years. We initially enlisted Jess’s help for a neck injury. Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago and Jess has been part of my treatment plan ever since. She has been working with me surrounding lymphatic drainage due to lymph nodes being removed as part of my breast cancer diagnosis. My husband has rounded shoulders and after Jess works on him, he is a few centimetres’ taller, stands straighter which helps to open his airways. We see Jess on a regular basis for a variety of health needs as they arise and we would highly recommend Jess.


Justice of the Peace

Have been indulging Jess’s magic for close to 10 years now and have found her to be compassionate and knowledgeable. By the simple fact Jess will come to me, takes the stress off not being well and having to get to her. Have rung her in the morning to say I am having an asthma attack and not at all well. Within a short period of time Jess has driven in and treated me. By the time she left I was able to breathe and felt a lot better. Jess understands how the chronic condition I have affects me, and works within the constraints of the condition, all the while working to improve my health and wellbeing, so by the time she leaves I am in a more stable position than before. What I do know is, after many years of visiting natural therapists looking for one who can help me, Jess is the only one I still attend.

Kasia Jarosz

Jarosz Design

I have had an extensive back pain for a long time and I have seen many specialists before I met Jess.
One session with Jess and after that I felt a tremendous improvement.

Jess’s approach is very holistic, intuitive like and her knowledge about well-being is very broad.

She is not a typical masseur. Jess works with different relaxation techniques to help eliminate the body’s pain and tension.

“I highly recommend her!”


Luv a Coffee – Manager

As a believer in the power of natural medicine it was by chance that Jess and her mobile service were able to come to me when I needed her. After the first couple of her treatments and feeling so much better afterwards I decided it would be a great idea to set up a monthly treatment schedule to keep working on my problem areas.

This has been such a bonus to my health and wellbeing over the last few years especially when stress was taking its toll on me.

Jess has demonstrated that whatever is troubling me she is able to pinpoint the area to treat and that is often a surprise to me as it can be an area different to where the symptom presents itself.

A just hands on treatment with no drugs is what works for me!! Jess’s knowledge is invaluable and her friendliness and smile speak volumes when dealing with someone in pain. It is no wonder she gets so many referrals from satisfied clients.


I have been a client of Jess’s for more than ten years. Her treatment has helped to counter my asthma, which I have had for most of my life. Now I feel on top of it and able to live a healthier life.


Jess has been working with me for approx. 4 years for bilateral lymphoedma. I have been able to progress to going without pressure garments, which after wearing sleeves from top of arms to fingers for many years has been wonderful. I would recommend her to anybody in the same situation.


Teacher Aide

Jess is very knowledgeable about the best way to treat any symptoms I have when I see her and when she leaves, I always feel much better in body and mind. She has helped my physical ailments and my mental health.

Jess always provides excellent service and knows exactly which treatment to use on me.

I believe Jess has contributed to the natural medicine industry by being an upstanding and professional practitioner. A good friend recommended her to me and she also treats my daughter. We are always happy to see Jess, as we always feel so much better after one of her remedial and/or lymphatic sessions.


Jess’s treatments are relaxing and therapeutic. The neck tightness I have from sitting in an office in front of a computer has reduced considerably from monthly treatments.

She has an amazing gift of knowing what the problem is before she even starts her therapy each time


I’ve been receiving treatment on a monthly basis from Jess of Karma Therapies for over 9 years. I recommend her highly.

She is a mobile service so she comes to my home which is very convenient. It allows for a relaxed session and treatment.

Jess is very knowledgeable and helpful. Her remedial massage is very effective and she can adapt to suit your needs at every session.

Thanks to Jess, my lymphedema pain was relieved from the start and I was able to discontinue using a compression garment soon after.

I’m very grateful and thankful for her expertise.


Primary Teacher

During a very stressful time in my life with a myriad of unresolved health problems a mutual colleague referred me to see Jess from Karma Therapies. It was life changing! After our initial meeting, over ten years ago, where it was thought I was on the verge of an autoimmune disease and she would definitely be able to help me, we have aimed to meet monthly ever since. When Jess and I meet up she looks after my body health with her amazing gifts, we also chat, cry and celebrate all life has thrown at us as our friendship deepens. Whilst my body still needs her, I believe without her support and guidance my health and life may look very different to where I am today.


Jess…….you are the most amazing, indescribable, unbelievable, incredible person I have ever met… I would struggle to believe someone who said what you do made the difference I have experienced… Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much…. I am so happy I met you… what you have done to and for me so far has made me feel better than I have felt in a very, very long time. Thank you, thank you, thank yo.


Your grateful client

I had a cancer removed from my foot, and after 23 days, I was left with no advice or help.
Fortunately, help did come in the form of Jess. Not only did she clean up the wound, on the verge of more serious complications, but she displayed her caring nature.

We have a right to be treated in that manner, but it is still a rare occurrence.

Thank you, Jess.

Tony Wakeham

Decorative Garden Designs

They say that migraines can reduce as you age and they did for me in my early fifties but then came back with a vengeance, I am now in my sixties.

Having had serious migraines for almost 35 years and tried just about every medical and alternative therapy to try and at least dull them down a bit with virtually nil result, I was a bit apprehensive about giving it one more go.

It has turned out to be the best thing I have done.
The migraines have reduced to about ¼ of the number I used to have.

I now have many days in sequence where I don’t need to take even a panadol for the headache.

Jess has used a totally new technique to me, which I don’t pretend to understand but it works and works well.

Jess has been a life saver for me.

She has given me my life back and I don’t think I will ever be able to repay her for the quality of living I now enjoy.

Sandra and Lorenzo

Jess is a fantastic therapist with a genuine interest in helping people and a great knowledge base. My family have been seeing Jess for about 4 years now for a range of ailments. At first my husband was sceptical he “didn’t” need a massage regularly and now he is the one that always is asking “when is Jess due’.

Before Jess I regularly had severe bouts of sinusitis often requiring antibiotics to clear. I felt relief after our very first session and even though I still occasionally suffer from sinusitis it always goes away after a visit from Jess (no antibiotics needed). She has also helped me with lower back pain and knee pain – I work in an office all day and I genuinely believe that regular visits from Jess had definitely had a huge positive impact on my (and my families) health.


Jess has supported my health and wellbeing by working with an esoteric field that has been very challenging for me over the years, and she has showed courage, determination, focus and loyal and commitment to helping me over 2.5 years.

Jess has managed to break patterns that no longer serve me far beyond what any other practitioner – mainstream or allied/alternative has been able to do. This has been priceless for me in healing and strengthening on all levels.

Jess provides a local service so this enables her to come to my home for treatment. I believe her business has expanded in my area, possibly through word of mouth, and based on my positive experience of her work I believe this has contributed to the positive wellbeing of the community where I live.

Kym and Adrian

Deputy Principal – Manager of Poolwerx

With our busy work and play; Jess’ monthly checks keep our bodies keep on keeping on.


Teacher Aide

I had the most relaxing weekend at a retreat run by Jess at Byron Bay Hinterland.

Learning about myself and getting to know our life paths was extremely helpful.

We meditated, danced, practiced yoga, had time to spend on your own to think and just walk the beautiful grounds of the resort. The food was lovely and I was able to try different types that I would normally never eat.

I felt totally relaxed and calm by the end of the weekend and would definitely go to another one.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Tribal Heart Beat Retreat, opening my eyes and heart to feelings and reasons for why I feel and act as I do. Jess is the most wonderful teacher; her knowledge is vast and her teaching method is superb. I could understand what she was explaining very easily. The entire course was magnificent with the content, location, fresh healthy food (soooo good) and company. I would recommend this course for people who would like to explore their inner-self healing and awareness of emotional situations and how to deal with this.

Skye Williams


I first attended a retreat at the end of 2016. It was the beginning of a great journey of love and healing for myself and my family. In that first retreat Jess took us on a journey of self-discovery, in the most supportive and nurturing way. The meditation and healing that happens is powerful, but the connection and support are ‘next level’. I couldn’t wait for the next one.

I would highly recommend these retreats for anyone who feels that there’s something that isn’t ‘flowing’ for you in your life or you’re looking for a deeper self-connection or connection with others.

It’ll be the best investment you make in you and your family all year.



Came with an open mind. I wanted to confront myself and open up to me and to take on whatever come up. The first activity hit me like a brick wall – sh^*. Did not expect the response at all. When you go on a journey with Jess you never know what’s going to happen and what comes up but I have learnt to enjoy the journey because she keeps you safe whilst you go there.

I knew I had to immerse myself into the journey you can’t do this at home; I was being lead through the process.

A wonderful experience to take time out for yourself and to be in an environment to learn and assess yourself in a challenging and supporting environment, be prepared for emotional emotions, challenges, not a retreat that is a holiday or booze up session it is a true time for taking time out for yourself. The focus is totally on you.

Jess delivers a retreat that feels like it is tailored for your needs, it is all about you.


I just wanted to thank you for the day I spent connecting with my Inner Goddess! You are so genuine and believe in what you do.
You created a safe, calming environment and welcomed us to really challenge ourselves to focus on our potential Goddess within!

I have come away from the day with reinvigorated positivity. I seem to have a calmer approach when life gets demanding and constantly have four girl on my mind! She is a legend 🙂

Many thanks

Kim Browne

I have been a client of Jess’ for about 15 years.

I had problems with scoliosis and my neck.

I was frightened of anyone touching my neck as it was so painful.

Jess knew what to do and worked on the parts of my body that were related to that.

My Scoliosis is markedly improved with Jess’ knowledge and “magic” hands.

I highly recommend Jess.

Glenys Boyd

Going back to 2015 I attended the workshop on empowering women and healing the family line. I was 69 years old and thought well it’s a bit late for me, well how wrong was I.

I only wish I had the chance to do it when I was younger, I did many courses over the years but none that have had the effect that this one has, this one sticks with you. Step by step and all of a sudden you realize how powerful you can be and make such a difference to your family.

It is often much easier to do things yourself but I am learning that I am not doing anyone else a favour or myself by doing this as I found I was wearing myself out and was getting angry.

I look forward in the near future to sharing with more people who have done this wonderful course.

Lanai Carter

Director – Strategic Business Success Pty Ltd

As a person with a chronic back condition, I can honestly say that Jess was able to provide me with one of the best back treatments I have ever had.

I noticed an immediate difference after the therapy, I felt lighter and my pain was eased immediately and my movement has even improved.

Her knowledge and experience was amazing, I am now looking forward to many more relieving treatments.

Thanks a million Jess!

Scott Beattie

Business Development Manager, Cube Home Loans

As a former full time, tri-athlete who trained for two years with a cycling squad using AIS facilities—including massage—I highly recommend Jess.
A recent shoulder injury was causing me considerable pain and as I’d heard great things about Jess, I decided to get a treatment first rather than going straight to the physio.

While I could barely take my shirt off at the start, two hours later I could move my arm without significant pain.

I followed up with a one-hour session a week later and have had little to no pain since.

I’m confident that had I gone to a physio, I would have required weeks of treatment at significant cost. And as Jess is registered with my health fund, it cost even less.

I don’t look forward to further injuries, but if I do, I look forward to being able to get back to normal as soon as possible thanks to Jess’ healing hands.