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The Fever Has Broken

By Jess – Karma Therapies

Remedial and Lymphatic Therapy can be very helpful to newborns as they begin their journey in life.

Not all of our little ones come into this world healthy and ready to take on the challenges.  Some struggle and have to work hard to strengthen their bodies.  The beginning of their life maybe hindered by continuous cold symptoms; fevers, runny nose, sore to infected ears, respiratory issues, crying from discomfort and/or pain, congestion, generally not feeling well for days on end.  There could be other illness symptoms which prevent bub from gaining wellness. 

For working parents, they have the added stress of having to find someone to look after bub, or, they have to stay home from work for days to weeks whilst bub improves, placing a financial, emotional, health (lack of sleep, fatigue, etc), possible hospitalisation-medical process strain on the family.  Then there are those who are doing the bub unwell journey alone.  Single parenting is not an easy task especially if there is no support from immediate to extended family. 

Just when bub starts to look like he/she is recovering they spark another fever, or symptoms of illness and the cycle of caring, nurturing, sleeplessness, irritability, worry, helplessness, doctor-hospital-conducting tests, administering medication, starts all over again. 

The most difficult thing is bub has no voice to advocate how they feel or tell you what is happening for them.  Their only form of communicating is crying which could go on for hours, to the point of exhaustion for both bub and parent/s. 

In reflection they are many stories, scenarios and circumstances, whereby, over time we have heard or personally experienced a newborn who has had to work hard to start their life and fight for body strength and wellness.

With any form of assistance bub maybe receiving to gain wellness, it has been found that regular Remedial and Lymphatic Therapy provides bub with an added advantage to strengthen their body.  Unwell symptoms overtime become less frequent, where bub reaches a point of change.  Bub’s body starts to flourish, they become happier, more active, developmental milestones become easier and parent/s are less stressed or frustrated and experience more sleep.  The family overall has less negatives occurring and more positives happening.