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Analogue Post
December 2011 issue

New Business Model

Jess – Karma Therapies
Do you sit in traffic all day every day?
Do you find by the end of the week you are tired and your body aches?

Then it could be how you sit in your seat to drive. It’s not just the long hours of being in one place but the angles at which your body is in contact with a hard and most times ungiving surface.

How can Remedial Massage Therapy help! 

Businesses have found that Remedial Massage Therapy is great for staff incentives as well as providing a supportive partnership for staff health and productivity. They noticed they retained loyal staff members, optimized staff performance and boost morale, reduced job-related stress and injury, lowered absenteeism and provided an effective work safety strategy for their OH&S program.

How does your business measure up?  Are you taking responsibility of your workers and investing in your employees and their rights in order to improve and achieve a wholistic industrious outcome?  Then be prepared for the word to spread that your business is the one to work for. This bold new business model is taking off and employees are looking for these innovative businesses.  No longer do people just want to be a number, they want to be recognized and supported. 

By just implementing a simple but effective strategy such as Remedial Massage Therapy, businesses are gaining and employees are remaining.