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Karma Energy

By Jess – Karma Therapies

‘Karma’ refers to the scientific and spiritual principle of Cause and Effect: where our individual intent and actions directly impact and influence our present day and future as well as the state of our body, mind and our soul and our relationship with everything around us directly or indirectly.  Yes, you are right, this is a huge concept to ponder upon.  Let’s break the ‘karma’ principal down bit by bit.

Karma is one of the Natural Laws of the Universe.   There are several Natural Laws; Attraction, Polarity, Rhythm, Relativity, Gender/Gustation, Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and Cause and Effect.   Karma means everyone is connected to how the Universe works whether or not they have heard of it or understand its mechanics.  We create karma with our emotions, speech, body and mind. Put very simply it is the law of cause and effect; essentially meaning ‘action’.

These three concepts; cause, effect, and action, create harmony or disharmony. Disharmony can manifest itself in the form of dis-ease within the body, mind or soul/spirit (which ever one you are comfortable with).

If you were to throw a pebble into a pond the effect produces ripples which spread outwards until they reach the edges of the pond. The ripples then return to the cause.  ‘The pebble.’
If, we replace the pebble with ourselves and the pond with the world, we find that what we send out to the world, eventually finds its way back to us.

The question then becomes, is our intent and/or actions for harmony or disharmony?  How far do we want the ripple to reach and with what intensity, small or huge waves?

There is a Karmic Energy attached to the journey of the cause and effect or harmony–disharmony intention and action and knowingly or unknowingly engaging with this energy can be destructive or profound. 

Many of us just wonder through life not understanding that there is an underlying energy of action we are connected to.  It comes down to you being aware that you are the one who plays a part in the outcome knowingly or unknowingly.

If, today, you send out positive thoughts without any hidden agenda behind the thought (totally authentic) to a friend that you care and love them and increase this thought with an action – a phone call, text, visit, flowers.  Then, the theory is Karma will return tenfold.  There is no timeline when, how, where the karma will return.  It may not even be the friend that returns your intent. The karma may be instant.  You will know when it happens.